Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Empower young people with skills and knowledge to build confidence, take pride in what they do and contribute to the global community.


International excellence and a dynamic environment in the heart of Tanzania.


1. Respect
2. Integrity

MIS Values Explained


Respect is integral to every aspect of life at MIS. It stems outwards from encouraging all pupils to respect themselves as individuals and as a part of community. It encompasses respecting their peers and also knowing that they will be able to learn in a respectful environment. Respect is also a key thread in our curriculum in all subjects and pupils are prepared for the outside world by trying to understand and respect the diversity and richness of the international community.


Integrity is a vital principle in the way we work at MIS. The ability to do the right thing even when no one is watching is the kind of behaviour we strive to engrain in our pupils. We believe that being able to make a mistake and learn from it is one of the most crucial lessons that we can teach to our pupils and they are therefore expected to act with integrity on a daily basis. We regularly reinforce the importance of integrity as it feeds into our other core values of respect and responsibility.


At MIS, we have the privilege of welcoming children as toddlers and often saying farewell to them on the verge of adulthood. Preparing our students to act responsibly is a key element of this journey. This relates to the many moral decisions pupils will have to make throughout their schooling and to the people they aspire to be outside of school. Understanding their role as young people in a developing country like Tanzania is very important to us and underpins the behaviour and practices we encourage within school.


We believe that confidence is a vital element of what we do at MIS. Confidence in our definition does not mean a blind faith in your own ability or arrogance. On the contrary, confidence is the ability to know when you require help, need to collaborate and when you are the most capable person to lead in a certain situation. We hope that every single pupil in our school can develop their confidence regardless of where their abilities lie; excellence in sporting or academic success is celebrated but not the only fields in which we celebrate our pupils’ abilities and talents.

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