Our Partners

At MIS we are proud to collaborate with a number of local institutions based in Morogoro. The following gives you a summary of some of the ongoing work we have with our partner institutions.

The Mehayo Centre
The Mehayo Centre works with mentally handicapped youths in Morogoro. The support they provide is a lifeline to young people in the area. They offer an educational programme and practical training as well as shelter for their pupils on two sites. MIS supports this commendable organisation through school fundraising projects, and with the centre’s weekly visit to our school pool which is a very popular fixture in their school timetable.

Alliance One International
Alliance One is an important employer in Morogoro, providing many jobs to farmers as well as in their headquarters in Kingolwira. They have also provided loyal support to MIS over the years, funding a scholarship programme allowing talented pupils from the Morogoro region to study at our school. We intend to have five Alliance One sponsored pupils attending MIS from September 2015.

Chilunga Cultural Tourism
Chilunga Cultural Tourism is a non-profit organisation based in Morogoro, working with the local community to educate and preserve the unique culture of the Morogoro region. Their work is largely focused in the Uluguru Mountains, encompassing providing facilities in remote villages and educating the community on the importance of preserving the mountain forests of the Uluguru range. We aim to work closely with Chilunga over the coming year to offer our pupils informative weekend trips around Morogoro and to contribute towards their charitable projects.