Working at MIS

One of the great joys of life as a teacher at MIS is being a part of a close knit community where pupils and teachers alike share a healthy and happy working relationship. The majority of our teaching staff lives on site in a number of single or shared teacher houses, allowing the teachers the luxury of use of school facilities and a non-existent commute to work! It is rare for a week to pass by in term time without some sort of event around the school so living on site also allows the teachers to participate in social events. Teachers here probably spend more time on average with pupils than they might in other schools but as our student body as such a pleasure to work with, we tend to see this as a positive aspect of life here.

Teachers at MIS work hard in term time and their commitment towards their pupils is evident in the atmosphere around the school in term time where it is rare to see people sitting still. However, the staff also work in a supportive environment which embraces Tanzania’s warm and welcoming culture and allows teachers to do their job to the best of their ability. Outside of school, teachers have excellent opportunities to travel due to our relatively long holidays and proximity to J.K.Nyerere International Airport in Dar as well as a number of popular domestic destinations including Zanzibar. Morogoro town itself is small but friendly and is a relaxed place to live with an ever-improving range of amenities.

Overall, MIS can offer its teachers a great environment in which to live and work, combining all the joys of living in Tanzania with a lively and dynamic international school programme. Read more about our teaching and learning philosophy here.

Staff Vacancies

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