MIS welcomes boarding students from 7 years old and above.



Morogoro International School has four boarding houses, two for boys and two for girls. The students are placed in these houses depending on their age and their year group in school. We currently have over 70 boarding students ranging from Year 5 in primary up to Year 11 in secondary. We accept boarders from the age of 6. The students’ dorm rooms vary in size and can accommodate 2 persons up to 6 persons. The older students have the 2 person bedrooms which allows for more quiet study. Each of the boarding houses have common rooms with DSTV premium packages and a DVD player. The boarding houses have daily cleaning services and the students’ clothes are washed and ironed daily as part of this service.

The boys’ and girls’ houses are at opposite ends of the school campus and the areas are patrolled at night by security watchmen. Three of the four boarding houses have accommodation for the Heads of Boarding attached to them to ensure close supervision at all times. Each boarding house has a room for the matron or patron to sleep in at night so that they remain close to the students. All of the meals are provided in the school canteen.

Activities Fund

In addition to the boarding fees, parents are required to pay an Boarding activities Fee of 500,000/= at the start of the school year. This is primarily for the purpose of paying for trips and weekly pocket money. However, it is also used to pay for replacement uniform, medical treatment and any other emergencies. The fund is topped up to the original balance at the start of each term. Any unused fees are refunded to the parents at the end of the school year. A full account of how the money is utilised is provided to the parents.