Routine & Activities

Boarding students are kept very busy during term time. During the school week the students are involved in after school activities until 4pm, after this time there is a boarding matron/patron on duty in each of the boarding houses to supervise those students who wish to return to rest.
For those interested in sports, there are various squad training sessions between 4 and 5pm from Monday to Thursday.

Dinner is served between 5.30pm and 6.30pm and the students are supervised at all meals to ensure that they are eating a balanced, healthy diet. After dinner there is a teacher on duty in each of the boarding houses to supervise homework and ensure that the children are following a study routine.

After all homework has been completed satisfactorily, students can relax by watching tv or using their laptops or other electronic devices. The usage of these devices is monitored by the teacher on duty to ensure that students are not accessing inappropriate content. Each boarding house also has a variety of board and card games as well as a mini library.

Each boarding house has a house phone through which parents can contact their children during the evening time and vice versa. Bed time during the week ranges from 8 to 10pm depending on the year group of the students.

Every weekend there are various activities on offer for the students including hiking trips, sports events and overnight trips to the beach, Mikumi National Park or other venues within a 4-5 hour trip from Morogoro. All of these events are run by teachers.