Visits & Leave



When a new student joins the school their parent/guardian is expected to fill in a Boarding Application Form. This form should list the people who are authorised to take the students out of the school compound.

If a parent wishes to take the student out of school, they must contact the relevant Head of Boarding either by e-mail or phone. This should be done, where possible, at least two days in advance.

If a parent wishes to have their child go home for any reason they must follow the same procedure and contact the relevant Head of Boarding.

Once every half term an exeat weekend is timetabled when boarders may go home if they wish. Parents should advise a week in advance if they wish for their child to take this option.

In accordance with the Home School Contract, boarders are required to attend school throughout the year. Parents are, therefore, expected to ensure that their children arrive on the afternoon or evening before the first day of each term and are collected after parent teacher consultations on the final day of each term.