Welcome to Term 3! It has been a big change moving from the traditional classroom to distance learning, and we appreciate our MIS families role in this. Your understanding and patience as we make adjustments to refine our teaching practices and the enormous effort required of you to help and support your children in accessing lessons and assignments is recognised and deeply appreciated. Remember, if you have any questions about assignments or need help with accessing your children’s classwork, please contact your child’s teacher.

As we look forward to the possibility of a return to school based on government direction, we are further considering what key concepts and skills are most important to teach and what assessment, grading, and reports look like for the time being. We know that we cannot replicate nor cover all of what traditionally is done in a classroom through distance learning. We also know that secondary school students are more comfortable working on computers and electronic devices as well as independent than our primary kids, and we are factoring in all these differences in the depth of content and skill coverage across levels.