Letter from the Headteacher

Morogoro International School is simply a beautiful school. Having taught in several schools around the world and been head of one for 12 years, I am fully aware that every school has a unique character and ethos. Some of that uniqueness comes from the leadership of the school, but there is an element that is created naturally by the location of the school and the people within it, namely the children and the staff.

I know what kind of school I want MIS to be. I know what qualities I want to be encouraged in all our children; honesty, humility, respect, moral courage, humanity and confidence amongst others and these qualities become themes of the school on a daily basis; in assemblies, the curriculum and in the way we go about our teaching and learning. But, the surroundings have to be right to be able to develop the sort of environment that is required to develop the young people that we want as our next generation. The beautiful 21 acre campus set on the edge of the town of Morogoro in the foothills of the Uluguru Mountains provides a perfect environment. And since arriving here in May 2014, I have found the pupils of MIS to be the most welcoming and courteous that I have ever come across, whilst the staff are absolutely committed to making MIS the best school that it can possibly be.

A school is a community and the cohesiveness of that community helps determine its ethos. The teamwork and respect shown by all members of MIS from the ground staff to the senior management, from the nursery school to year 11 ensure that every visitor to MIS will be instantly touched by its atmosphere of warmth and purpose. The inclusiveness created by a non-selective entry policy and supported by our SEN department and small class sizes adds to this sense of mutual support where the more able help the less able and every child is given a chance to find their unique identity and to reach their potential inside and outside the classroom.

I have been the Head here for a relatively short time but already I can sense that I have an affinity with Morogoro International School. After 25 years on the international school circuit, this may just be my best appointment yet. After reading the content of this website, I hope that you will want to find out more about why MIS is so special. Don’t hesitate to contact the school at headteacher@mis.co.tz

Cliff Green