Student Council

One of the four values that we live by is RESPONSIBILITY. At MIS we believe students can only become responsible if they are given responsibility. As much as possible we try to give all students a say in the decision making of the school. The main forum for achieving this is through the Student Council. At the start of the third term one boy and one girl is elected from each of the secondary school classes to form a new Council. They meet once a week overseen by a member of staff specifically assigned to the task of monitoring and guiding the Council. Minutes are taken by a Council member and they are passed on to the school administration to be acted upon. The Council also elects a treasurer to record the financial activities of the Council.

The Student Council is encouraged to be positive and it is not meant to provide an opportunity for general disgruntlement. The meetings should provide solutions and suggestions as much as problems and complaints. The Council is also expected to fundraise for at least one project through the year which can be a charitable cause or to enhance the school in some way. It can do this by organising events such as a Talent show or a disco.
The Student Council representatives report back to their form classes every Friday morning in registration (The Friday Forum) when they explain the outcomes from the previous Council meeting. This should then lead to further discussion and the representatives then feedback the key points and suggestions from their class to the next meeting.

Student Council representatives also have the responsibility of monitoring their class’s general behaviour and uniform to assist the prefects in maintaining the good image of the school.