Student Hierarchy at MIS

Headboy and Headgirl

In the middle of the second term of the school year pupils in Year 10 are invited to apply for the post of Headboy or Headgirl by submitting a letter of application and a CV to the Headteacher. These applications are considered by the teaching staff who then draw up a shortlist of candidates to be presented to the electorate of the secondary school students plus the Year 6 students (but not the teachers). A short period of campaigning ensues including a special assembly when the candidates are required to answer questions from the audience. These questions have been vetted by the staff but are not known to the candidates beforehand. On the final Friday of the second term a secret ballot is held and the result is announced before the end of school on that day. The winner requires a simple majority of the votes. The new Headboy and Headgirl are introduced to the school community in the whole school assembly at the end of the second term and commence their duties at the start of the third term.


Four prefects are selected from Year 10 by the teachers. They are selected from the unsuccessful Headboy and Headgirl applicants and from those students who specifically applied for the post of prefect at the same time that applications for Headboy and Headgirl were requested. These prefects are also introduced to the school community in the whole school assembly at the end of the second term and commence their duties at the start of the third term. The role of the Headboy, Headgirl and prefects are outlined below.

Job Specifications

The Headboy/Headgirl and prefects must promote a positive and respectable image of the school at all times and are expected to contribute to the general well-being and morale of the student population within the school.
Specific duties of Headboy/Headgirl
  1. To attend all Student Council meetings.
  2. To be the leaders of the prefect ‘team’ including setting and enforcing their duty rota (one day per week) and informing them of upcoming events when their presence is required.
  3. To carry out duty on alternate Fridays which includes assisting in the supervision of Moromunch.
  4. To attend all school functions and events and assist as requested by the school management.
  5. Give speeches and presentations when requested including one address per term to the whole school in an assembly.
Specific duties of the prefects
  1. To carry out duty on the specified day according to the rota.
  2. To support and liaise with the class monitors on issues of discipline and uniform.
  3. To attend school functions and events and assist as directed by the Headboy and Headgirl.

What is duty?

With 4 prefects, each one will have one day of the week from Monday to Thursday assigned as their duty day. On that day they are expected to report any acts of bad behaviour or incorrect uniform to the duty teacher and to correct students on minor issues such as tucking in shirts and small incidents of poor behaviour. This duty applies to morning break, lunchtime and the period between last lesson and the beginning of clubs.

During lunchtime, the first half of duty should take place at Moromunch. Otherwise it is a general site duty. The prefect on duty is also responsible for ringing the bell 5 minutes before the start of the next teaching session.

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