All teaching at Morogoro International School is in English delivered by predominantly British teachers and follows the guidelines of the British National Curriculum. Teachers provide a stimulating environment in which to learn with the focus being on encouraging the child to enjoy learning and to develop the skills to be able to become lifelong learners. Differentiation is applied in all classes whereby children are given work appropriate to their ability ensuring the less able are given encouragement and support whilst the high achievers are stretched and challenged. The ultimate aim is to ensure that every child reaches their potential.

In Primary school, the curriculum includes the core subjects of numeracy, literacy, science and ICT and the languages of French and Swahili whilst, through a termly topic, the other areas of the curriculum of humanities, art, music and drama are taught within the context of a cross-curricular theme. P.E. and swimming are an essential part of the timetable for every class in Primary school.

The first two years of Secondary school form the foundation for the commencement of the exam classes in year 9. At MIS we use year 9 to showcase all the exam options on offer at IGCSE. Thus, as well as continuing with Mathematics, English, Literature, ICT, Geography, History, Art, French and Swahili, science is taught as the three stand alone subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, the theory of P.E. is added to the practical aspect of the subject and the new subjects of Business Studies and Accounting are added. During year 9, through the PSHE programme, students receive extensive guidance on career options and how to make their subject choices. There is also an ‘Options Evening’ when students can come to the school with their parents to help them make their final choices. At the end of Year 9 students ‘drop’ 6 subjects to reduce their load to 9 IGCSEs which must include Mathematics, English, ICT and at least one science.


From August 2015, Morogoro International School is to offer a full programme of A levels administered by Cambridge International Examinations. With the completion of a third science laboratory in 2015, we will have a laboratory dedicated to each of the three science disciplines. In addition we will offer A levels in Mathematics, History, Geography, Business Studies, English Literature, French, Economics and Computer Studies. The sixth form programme will also include the new Cambridge A level of Global Perspectives, Citizenship, PSHE and an option of physical recreation or community service.


In accordance with the requirements of the British National Curriculum, PSHE forms an integral part of the timetable throughout the school and Citizenship becomes a compulsory element of the curriculum from the beginning of Secondary school. We do not include these subjects simply to slavishly follow the requirements of the British Curriculum but because we at MIS believe that the content of these subjects is essential in creating effective and successful citizens of the future. We want all our children to reach their potential in whatever they choose to do. In the case of some, that may well mean becoming leaders on the international stage. They can only achieve this by learning about themselves and how to reflect on their own abilities and performance, by developing emotional, as well as intellectual, intelligence and becoming aware of issues that affect their own communities and the wider world and by having the confidence and skills to be able to discuss and debate these issues in order to find solutions.