Global Perspectives

Introducing Global Perspectives

From 2015 CIE are introducing a new A level subject of Global Perspectives. We, at MIS are excited by this development as it will enable students to, not only widen their knowledge of the world, but also develop essential skills in research and presentation that will benefit them greatly in their future lives.

With Global Perspectives:

  1. Learners research relevant topics and issues such as:
    • What are the different causes and effects of food shortages in Africa?
    • AIDS / Ebola
    • The impact of technological developments on economic development.
    • Human Trafficking and prostitution.
    • Free Trade OR  Protectionism as a means of assisting developing countries
  2. Assessments include essays, written examinations and a team presentation project.
  3. Learners complete a 5000-word piece of independent research – the Cambridge Research Report
  4. The Cambridge Research Report develops the ability to:
    • Plan, prioritise and manage time
    • Understand and apply research methodologies
    • Use critical and analytical research skills to conduct sustained research projects
    • Synthesise multiple sources on the subject
    • Evaluate and make reasoned judgements
    • Communicate findings and conclusions
  5. The course is built around an innovative teaching and learning process called the critical path.

Download the Cambridge International A Level Global Perspectives & Research Syllabus outline here.