The House System

Belonging to a house team is an important aspect of life at MIS. We have four house teams and every pupil is selected to belong to one team: Uluguru, Victoria, Kilimanjaro or Ruaha. House competitions are fiercely competed and pupils love the opportunity to contribute to their team’s point total. Participating in house events allows pupils to develop their ability to collaborate and work as a team, as well as giving pupils a chance to excel in a range of different activities. Alongside traditional house events such as Sports Day, there are opportunities throughout the year to pick up house points for competitions in a range of subject areas, from poetry to business enterprise projects. Any pupil working hard in class is rewarded with stars and after one hundred stars this pupil also earns five points for their team’s house point total. Furthermore, any nominations for the Golden Book where extraordinary contributions to school life are recorded, will result in the pupil earning ten house points for their house. The Golden Book is a tradition which dates back to the school’s early days on its current campus and pupils who are entered become part of the school’s ongoing roll of honour. The best place to receive an update on the current House Point total is Moro Times, which is published at the beginning of every week.