Duke of Kent School, Mr Hubbard’s former school, sent 13 students along with 2 teachers, out from the UK to visit MIS just after half term. The students arrived in Morogoro on October 24th introduced themselves to the school community at the assembly on Friday and are currently visiting Ruaha National Park along with Mr and Mrs Hubbard.


The students and staff members have been planning this visit along with Mr Hubbard for the past 18 months, even before Mr Hubbard arrived at MIS! The groups have been staying in the school dormitories and have been joining in school lessons and activities. The students are in Years 10 and 11 and this is the first time in Tanzania for all but one of them. They have been attending some lessons and will also visit some local sights in Morogoro area next week including a visit to APOPO, the award-winning non-profit that trains African giant pouched rats to detect landmines and tuberculosis.