Having applied unsuccessfully to participate in the East African Model United Nations Conference in February last year we were delighted to be accepted this year and allocated Pakistan as our country. The four members of the delegation who will be representing MIS in Nairobi in February are all sixth form pupils at MIS: Allie Scaramuzzo {Ambassador and Human Rights committee}, Gladencia Majule {Ecology committee}, Junior Chile {Political committee} and Liz Awino {Economic committee}.

They have been working hard over the last month carrying out the preliminary research necessary to write a resolution for debate, which has now been submitted it to the Resolution Approval Committee in Nairobi. These four students will now need to complete further, more in depth research over the coming months so that they are well prepared to defend and debate their resolution in the Human Rights committee and to participate in debate in each of the committees they represent. They will need to:

  • Be familiar with Pakistan’s foreign policies
  • Have an in-depth knowledge of their committees
  • Possess and understanding of the nature of the United Nations, including its structure, purpose, and powers
  • Possess public speaking skills and the ability to evaluate others’ arguments as well as form their own
  • Demonstrate the ability to negotiate, compromise, and lead others
  • Have a working knowledge of EAMUN parliamentary procedure.

Helping our sixth formers in their research have been the younger members of our debating society, who are keen to develop their research, debating and public speaking skills. Some of these aspiring debaters will hopefully represent MIS in Nairobi next year, having learnt from the experience of this year’s delegation.