At Morogoro International School, we aim to encourage students to be advocates for their environment. This means teaching students how to respect and care for their school campus and the greater community. This year, we created an Eco-Club comprised of students, parents, teachers and other community members.

The Eco-Club has held end of the term pool parties, have mudded teachers who raised the most money, had an egg throw competition, held a primary and secondary movie night, and raised funds and awareness with two separate Eco Weeks.

So far, the Eco-Club has used the money raised to provide 20 new dust bins, create 2 durable compost bins to be used at the school canteen, and will be buying stainless steel re-useable water bottles to become part of the school uniform in the upcoming school year. We have also turned the old trash and burn cement bins into planters as well as had students donate over 400 plants including 30 fruit trees, to be planted around campus. We have also started an Eco-Tax on campus, where students, parents and staff are charged a 200 Tsh fine for being caught throwing litter or walking by litter and not disposing of it properly. The Eco-club has also upcycled used 12 liter Uhai bottles to create recycling bins in each primary classroom.

More recently the club used the money raised during the 2017-2018 academic year, to complete the following projects around school:

– Cleared and began planting fruit trees in the new school garden
– Made cement seating and tables for the PJ area (instead of using plastic chairs)
– Installed a water harvesting system on the Moro Munch building
– Collected over 200 seeds to use in our garden
– Held numerous litter picks around school and outside of the school grounds
– Learned from the Sega Girls School how to set up an organic garden
– Bought 10 garden hoes and 10 gardening shovels
– Refurbished the outdoor Banda by the garden using plastic bottles as shingles