On Wednesday 13th October, MIS held its annual inter house sports day. The day began with all four house teams entering the field to music and parading around in front of family and friends who were there to watch the event.

As the day began the primary school children were in the middle of the field competing in their sports events which ranged from the bean bag throw to the blindfold race, while the secondary school children were all showing their sporting ability on the running track with races ranging from 60m up to 1500m.

As the heat of the midday sun hit all competitors were struggling and they relied on the rallying calls from their houses to push them through the ‘pain barrier’ and complete their events.

The sports day ended with the now traditional cannon relay which sees pupils from every age group run in a relay for their team (year 1 through to year 13). This was the one event that encapsulated the feeling surrounding the day, everyone supporting each other and working together.

after the dust had settled and all events were completed it fell to Mr. Green to announce the inter house sports day champions for 2016. Congratulations went to Ruaha who successfully retained the trophy they had won in 2015.

Victoria also had reason to cheer as they were selected as the winners of the spirit cup being recognised for their teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the day.