Saturday and Sunday (18th and 19th January 2020) saw the swimming pool area full of people watching the 2020 edition of the Morogoro Invitational Swimming Gala.  The event brought together swimmers from MIS Piranhas, Dar Swim Club, Talis – IST and Bluefins.  Miss Tally once again masterminded a fantastic and well executed program which ran like clockwork thanks to her forward planning and superb team of helpers.  Special thanks to Mr. Thobias for the many hours of coaching in the early mornings and afternoons for the past few months.  Mr Street for his tireless commentary role during the event as well as all the staff who helped to ensure an exciting and efficient event.  Thanks must also go to the team of student

Mervin from MIS Piranhas

helpers who put in countless hours over the weekend to ensure that the event happened,  Thanks to Nia, Roderick, Mervin, Kenneth, Kaysan, Lugano, Yuki plus many others from Piranhas who completed the help setup.