Cambridge Primary Checkpoint tests have been designed to assess learners at the end of Cambridge Primary. The tests are marked in Cambridge and provide schools with an external international benchmark for student performance. Each student receives a statement of achievement and a diagnostic feedback report, giving schools detailed information and parents extra trust in the feedback they receive.

The magnificent efforts of the year 6 children and their incredibly dedicated teacher, Ms Branagan were recognised on Friday June 22nd, when Cambridge International Examination Board released the results of our second cohort of Primary School Checkpoint children. Over-all the levels throughout each subject increased by around a full level on last year. In English 81% of MIS children scored above average whilst in Maths and Science it was 56%. That is why these exams are so important because, for the first time, we are receiving a measure of the level of our students against all other children of the same age around the world.

In English the class average level was an amazing 4.2 compared with 3.2 last year which is in the bracket of Excellence in Understanding. For a school whose children are essentially ESL (English as a second language) this is an unbelievable achievement. Other Checkpoint schools in Tanzania do not release their results to the public. We want to shout ours from the rooftops!

It is a whole group effort but there are a few individuals to mention: Louis achieved perfect scores in Reading, Geometry, Data and Number, Physics and Scientific Enquiry. Eunike and Mahrukh achieved a perfect score in Geometry and Measure. And Rahma achieved a perfect score in Chemistry.

With the primary school staff remaining the same next year including the three coordinators for the core subjects of English, Maths and Science, who is to say we cannot do even better in 2019. Well done, Ms Talley and all your primary teachers for this magnificent effort!