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 At MIS our students have many opportunities to connect with the local community in a charitable way.

The school has raised money for local charities such as the Mehayo Centre, EMFERD and the Amani Centre for those with physical and intellectual disabilities, and has collected used clothes and toys for a number of local orphanages.

This link was strengthened further in June when a few of our year 10 students got the opportunity to work with these groups as part of their work experience week.

One group that we have worked particularly close with this year us EMFERD; an organisation that supports children and young adults who suffer from cerebral palsy. The school raised over 1 million TSH last June during disability awareness week and Mama Bakhita, the founder, attended our end of year assembly to receive her donation of 700,000TSH.

In conjunction with this, two of our students spent the week working alongside these children, teaching them, playing with them and doing household chores around the centre.