This morning MIS was happy to have Holli Kimble aka the ‘wandering engineer’ visit the school and speak at Secondary assembly. As a special treat the Years 3-6 were also invited to attend assembly this morning and listen to what Holli had to share.

Holli is a chartered mechanical and explosives engineer from the UK who won a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship that brought her to Morogoro to visit APOPO, the Belgian non-profit that trains African giant pouched rats to detect landmines and tuberculosis.  

The purpose of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship project is to use the science, engineering, and technology in Humanitarian NGOs and staff stories to inspire children (particularly in the UK) to see themselves as engineers and scientists of the future. The project, “The Wandering Engineer” includes visits to  four NGOs in African nations and will result in the production of a website with a blog, case studies, and resources for schools (lessons for science clubs).

Holli enjoyed sharing her experiences and answering some very interesting questions from the engaged children at assembly today! She hopes she was an inspiration to the children especially girls.

Thank you Holli!