Dear Parents and carers,

I am sure that you are all very excited by the prospect of the start of the new school year. The staff are ready and prepared for the return of the students on Monday morning. I want to thank you, as parents and guardians, for partnering with the teachers over last term to ensure that the students kept working at home. We were so pleased that the vast majority of students engaged in the online learning programme.

All of the teachers have spent this last week meeting together at school to learn together as part of our staff training programme. We have been discussing issues such as: ‘Life after Lockdown’: what effect will 5 months away from school have had on the students’ education? We then looked at ways to make our educational experience even better going forward into this academic year.

Some parents may be concerned for the well-being of the students as they return to school after the closure. We are continuing to put into practice the measures we had in place even before the closure in March. Good hygiene is the key message. Plenty of soap and water will be available and teachers along with you, the parents, need to remind the students to wash their hands at every opportunity. We are not asking students to wear masks while at school. But we will be promoting good hygiene and social distancing at school to ensure the safety of our children and staff alike. Please talk through the WHO recommended safety precautions with your children ahead of Monday.

MIS has a new school nurse, Ms Sophia Mugele. She is an experienced medical expert who will be very helpful in advising us how we can maintain a healthy school environment. We also have several new members of staff who are joining MIS this term; all of the overseas staff tested negative for COVID before arrival which should give you all reassurance that the school is safe. I hope that you all have a great start to the school year.

Welcome back to MIS!

Mr. David Hubbard