MIS is continuing and we are now starting our second half of term after a break from school work for our mid-term holiday. Some students are now returning to school across Tanzania but as our final year A-Level students do not now have exams they will not be returning to MIS. We’re sad to see them go and wish them all the very best in their further studies. We’re sad we couldn’t see them off with a proper graduation!

We have 4 weeks of term left this year and then we have a long vacation before we plan to start a ‘normal’ Term 1 back at MIS at the end of August. I hope that the students and parents (& staff!) are looking forward to normal school. I know that it will be very strange to come back into a real classroom having spent so long at home working in a virtual classroom. It is important that the students keep working hard now so that they are ready to move up to a new Year group in August. I would really recommend that all students not only do the set school work but read as much in English as they can to keep their literacy levels high, ready to come back and access the Cambridge curriculum.